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Britannia Yacht Club Wedding, Kris and Paul

When I met the Bride and Groom, Kristine and Paul, who came as a referral from another amazing bride, I knew right away they were quirky and the wedding was going to be a blast.
Kris is one of those easy-going brides! It’s raining sideways during your ceremony: no problem.

I really wanted them to have a gorgeous day so we could explore all the beautiful spots around the Britannia Yacht Club where they had the ceremony and reception. I was lucky that it was sunny when I arrived at the Girl’s dress up location and the day’s weather continued to be a rollercoaster but I think everyone will remember how beautiful everything was regardless.

To view the full wedding, please visit Mel’s blog here  

Ottawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding dayOttawa Wedding photography, Britannia Yacht club gorgeous and dramatic  rainy wedding day

Cynthia + Chuck’s Cinematic Wedding Trailer Reno Video Productions

We were so honoured to be a part of Cynthia & Chuck’s wedding on June 8th which took place at the Basilica and the Museum of Nature. We had already spent a week with this power couple on a destination wedding last November, so we had an inclination that their upcoming wedding was going to be nothing less than extraordinary.
We had so much visible eye candy to work with for our cinematic wedding trailer, that it was difficult to chose what to leave out in their wedding trailer.
Chuck & Cynthia are both entrepreneurs & professionals. They are both accountants and also founded “Moonlight Events”, a new and classy decor company for Weddings and Events.
So you can imagine, when they got married, they did their very own decor!!!!! In our Cinematic wedding trailer you can catch a glimpse of the amazing job they did at the Museum of Nature. Check out the back drop behind the bridal head table……..this was handmade by Chuck!
No time for a honeymoon ……….as they are busy decorating many more weddings this summer. We will also be filming another cinematic wedding trailer in two weeks to show off more of Moonlight’s decor.
Again, we also want to give a “shout out” to our new cinematographer, Julie Pare and to our
very own TFY colleague  Barbara Ann Cameron for their excellent work and contribution to our cinematic wedding team!
Congrats on a super wedding pulled off by Cynthia & Chuck!!!!

Planning with Pinterest



Planning with Pinterest:
Planning a wedding can be quite an overwhelming task, from picking out the colour pallet, dress, venue, décor and food, the list of details can grow pretty quick! If having an ultra-stylish wedding is your goal, it’s important to stay organized and be open to new ideas. The perfect way to balance both organization and creativity has been introduced to us by the wonderful world of Pinterest!

This pinboard-style, photo-sharing, social media site allows you to manage photos in groups based on specific themes created by the user. Now considered the fasting growing and most popular social platform for wedding planning, Pinterest is used by 1 in 3 brides to plan their wedding. In fact, “Pinterest is now more popular for wedding planning than Facebook, Twitter, and other forms” (such as The Knot) combined, according to Splendid Insights.

Get started:
Creating a Pinterest profile is very easy! Simply start by going to, create a log in and profile using your email, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, and follow the instructions.

Create boards:
Once you have opened your profile, start thinking about themes that you would like to explore and separate them into categories/boards. For example, separate wedding gowns, venues, reception décor, bridesmaid dresses, food, groom’s tux, and wedding photo ideas onto separate boards rather than one board labeled “wedding”. By doing so, it will be less overwhelming for yourself and anyone you share your profile with and much easier to view and sort.

Start pinning!
Start looking through the “wedding” category or specific try searches to find things that you find inspiring. Pin them to the according board and see your dream wedding come to life! Some of our favourite inspiration boards include: Style Me PrettyWedding Chicks, and The Perfect Pallet.

Two heads are better than one! Consider making your wedding boards viewable (ie: not Pinterest secret) for bridesmaids, your groom, family and friends; allowing them to see what you have envisioned for the wedding and add their own suggestions. Pinterest also makes it easier for your wedding planner to see the ideas you have started putting together, and in turn, allows them to collaborate on the design with you to bring your dream to life. You can allow others to pin to your board by adding their profile under the “edit board” option.

Proceed with caution:
The dark side Pinterest is that it can set unrealistic expectations for the wedding and your budget (in addition to being completely addictive)! Always keep in mind that a budget has been set for the wedding and should be adhered to at all costs. It’s called a budget for a reason: you set it and don’t “budge”-it! We recommend asking your vendors for realistic estimates and breakdowns of how much your desired ‘pinned’ design would cost and then ask yourself, is it reasonable for the wedding budget?

Happy Pinning!

2013 Wedding Trends

2013 Bridal Gown Trends:



Illusion Necklines

One of the hottest trends for bridal gowns in 2013 will be the illusion neckline. This silhouette has the feel of a strapless gown, but provides a bit more coverage for the bride; it will also help your dress stay in place while you dance the night away!


In a post-Kate Middleton wedding world, it’s unlikely that sleeves will be disappearing from the bridal shops any time soon. The wonderful thing about these new long sleeves is how cleverly designed they are. Most of the fabrics used are transparent so they don’t look or feel heavy and the brilliant touches of embellishment add a whole new twist of formality and design to your wedding-day look.


Goodbye lace, hello tulle! Tulle has undergone a transformation this season showcasing new narrow shapes covered in layers of tulle or fully-fashioned in tulle.Three dimensional textured ruffles, swirls, free-form flowers and shredded layers appeared in tulle. Simple light tulle layers flowed over gowns and appeared as capes for big dramatic moments. We love tulle for its sheer beauty, its delicacy and for its mystery as it covers and uncovers all at once.

Bare Backs

Time to toss those brassieres out the window ladies! Designers took a backwards plunge this season with the most naked, open, draped, cutout backs we’ve ever seen in a single season. Whatever clever and sexy way designers manage to bare your back, just make sure it’s ready for all that exposure. Tone your back muscles with yoga and weights. And remember, if you’re going backless on the big day, lose the bra several hours prior to be sure no phantom straps ruin the view.

2013 Theme and Decor Trends:



There is a strong movement towards sophistication and black-tie formality with bridal themes and decor. Although 2013 weddings promise to be ultra-elegant they won’t be too stuffy and serious. Look for the return of chandeliers, gold charger places, and lots of crystal; not to forget candles, candles, candles.

Softer and more neutral colour pallets will take a strong hold in 2013. Think: taupe, ivory, blush with pops of grey, black, and metallics to compliment.

Floral trends will also be on the softer and fuller side of the garden. Gone are the days of single-stemmed wild flowers in bud vases and forget the over-the-top, mile high centerpieces. They have all been replaced with long and low garland-styled arrangements down the center of full length reception tables, heavy with ‘English Garden’ inspired opulence featuring soft, lush, and romantic peonies, hydrangeas, and garden roses.

Formality and sophistication will be most evident in the return of more formal invitations and wedding stationery. Watch for a heavy push into the use of letterpress, foil stamping, calligraphy, and laser cut invitations. Each option adds a very fun pop without being too glitzy and over the top.

2013 Food and Sweet Trends:



Gone are the days of the mini-simple-foods (ie: mini burgers, fries, and pogos) and food stations, 2013 is going to be all about returning to dining formaly with a major trend back to sophisticated plated dinners. Designer cocktail and artisanal drink stations are going to be a great addition to your 2013 wedding; think infused champagne cocktails and liquor bars.

Those with a sweet tooth, take heart. Signature dessert and sweets tables are here to stay, with a slight twist. Informal cupcakes will be replaced with handcrafted mini cakes and petit fours: meringues, French macarons, fudge, tarts, and pastries.

Wedding cakes will remain oh-so-stylish in 2013, featuring clean and modern designs with tall and slender single and double tiers. Most will include one amazing pop colour and embellishment such as a bow, monogram or over-sized flower.

We continue to feel very excited by the old-world formality, glamour, and sophisticated trends in 2013 and look forward to working with clients interested in featuring black-tie inspiration to their wedding.