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Cinematic Destination Wedding Film – Reno Video Productions

We don’t often post our Cinematic Wedding Films on social media or even on our website, mostly because they are quite long. We decided to share this wedding film because we spent one week with the couple and wedding party in the Dominican Republic.

We will do destination weddings anywhere in the world,  if our schedule allows us.

The cost ends up approximately the same as a full local Ottawa Wedding.

Better yet, because we are so passionate about what we do, we don’t restrict our coverage of filming the couple to a schedule, but tend to go with the flow of what is going on during the week. So you know that means, lots of beautiful footage for us to use for our cinematic wedding films and wedding trailers.

Michelle & Danny’s wedding trailer was ready three days after they came home, and this cinematic film was completed within 6-9 months, just in time for their honeymoon baby.

Congrats to the new parents !!

Trish + Viet’s Cinematic Wedding Trailer – Reno Video Productions – June 29th, 2013

This is a glimpse of Trish & Viet’s wedding which took place on June 29th, 2013.  It was also our first time filming a Vietnamese Wedding.

If you didn’t already know, the traditional Vietnamese Weddings begin with a walk from the groom’s house to the bride’s home, where the eldest person of the groom’s family leads the colourful procession.

You will see in our cinematic trailer, that once the bride’s family has opened their door to Viet’s family , who come bearing beautiful gifts covered in a vibrant red material.  The two families and friends then join together in Trish’s living room to have a tea ceremony, where they get officially married.

This proved to be quite a challenge for our 3 cinematographers to squeeze in around the table, without being too intrusive, (as well as the 2 photographers) to capture this tea ceremony and exchange of rings, but we pulled it off!

Once the exchange of rings is done, the couple then gathers around the grandparents in another part of the house where they receive advise about married life.

Then a second procession begins with the two families  carrying  a roasted pig for a delicious feast back at the Viet’s house, and I mean delicious!!!

We then all headed to their bridal suite at the Chateau Laurier, where you can see both the bride and the groom changing into a new outfit with their bridal party, that was also a first to have both bride and groom get ready together.  This is ideal for cinematographers and another first!!!

Our (Julie and Caroline) favourite part of the wedding trailer is when Trish & the girls were showing off their “pink umbrella shoot” for our cameras, while they were getting changed in the bridal suite at the Chateau Laurier for their big night ahead.


Cynthia + Chuck’s Cinematic Wedding Trailer Reno Video Productions

We were so honoured to be a part of Cynthia & Chuck’s wedding on June 8th which took place at the Basilica and the Museum of Nature. We had already spent a week with this power couple on a destination wedding last November, so we had an inclination that their upcoming wedding was going to be nothing less than extraordinary.
We had so much visible eye candy to work with for our cinematic wedding trailer, that it was difficult to chose what to leave out in their wedding trailer.
Chuck & Cynthia are both entrepreneurs & professionals. They are both accountants and also founded “Moonlight Events”, a new and classy decor company for Weddings and Events.
So you can imagine, when they got married, they did their very own decor!!!!! In our Cinematic wedding trailer you can catch a glimpse of the amazing job they did at the Museum of Nature. Check out the back drop behind the bridal head table……..this was handmade by Chuck!
No time for a honeymoon ……….as they are busy decorating many more weddings this summer. We will also be filming another cinematic wedding trailer in two weeks to show off more of Moonlight’s decor.
Again, we also want to give a “shout out” to our new cinematographer, Julie Pare and to our
very own TFY colleague  Barbara Ann Cameron for their excellent work and contribution to our cinematic wedding team!
Congrats on a super wedding pulled off by Cynthia & Chuck!!!!

Our 1st Cinematic Wedding Trailer Of 2013 Season | Reno Video Productions

Meet Andrea & François. This lovely lebanese couple tied the knot on May 18th. Reno Video Productions was there to capture their very special day at St. Charbel Church with the reception at St-Elias Banquet Centre. Not only were Andrea & François our 1st cinematic wedding trailer of the 2013 wedding season, they were also our first clients to try out our brand new a la carte pricing. It worked like a charm!

Andrea + François from Reno Video Productions on Vimeo.

Andrea & François customized their very own wedding videography plan with 8 Hours of Video Coverage + the Wedding Film Trailer Next Day Edit. They were thrilled to watch this video only 3 days after the wedding, while they were still in the nuptial glow. There’s such magic in the anticipation of seeing a trailer so soon after the wedding. All the guests are still buzzing from the excitement of the day. No surprise their video got over 1,250 hits on Vimeo in the 1st week.

It was also an extra special day for us as we were thrilled to have our new third videographer, Julie Pare, join us for her first shoot with Reno Video Productions. Julie adds a fantastic new dimension to our work and we are so happy to have her as part of the team. She is an artist from St. Jerome and has dabbled in photography for many years. Welcome Julie!

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A Destination to Remember

Our last Wedding of the year was a destination Wedding for Michelle & Danny in the Dominican Republic. If I was to best describe our last Wedding shoot, I could honestly say we went out with a “Bang”…..!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, not only was the Wedding couple as kind as can be, extremely funny, and good looking, but they also included a surprise helicopter beach arrival.

Syl stayed on the ground to film the helicopter landing on the beach with the guests ( who knew nothing about this surprise entrance to the reception), while I was engaged to go into the helicopter to capture Danny & Michelle.

Not only was this a bit scary just in general, but given the fact that I also had to film them inside a minuscule, loud, shaky helicopter made the task very exciting, to say the least!!! I felt a bit as if I was an actor in an army movie when I had to exit quickly with my monopod and camera, at the same time avoiding the loud and low blade hovering above me as I tried to also get another angle shot of them exiting the helicopter. Michelle was a great sport, because I knew she was terrified.

The details of the Wedding Ceremony were unbelievable with the stunning flower arrangements, location, balloon releases, not to mention the hottest temperatures that included a bridesmaid fainting. The ocean/poolside reception was also spectacular, and yes, the Lebanese really know how to have a fun and extraordinary time at a Wedding, even in the Dominican Republic!