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The Annual Tulips & Maple Party

Last week, Andrew and Blair (Andrew photographing, Blair on video) took part in the annual Tulips & Maple party at Centre Point Theatre. The event is for T&M’s favourite friends and vendors and the theme this year was “The Carnival”. You won’t be surprised to hear that the food was fantastic and there was a contortionist!  Great to see our friends, Lynn Lee (Weddings Unveiled), Lynn Langille (Exceptional Ceremonies), Stacey Price (Marry Me Productions), Jasmine Craig (The White Dress), Brian Henry (Quality Entertainment), Brittany Frid (Satin & Snowflakes), Julie Barake (Chic Wedding Planning), and many, many more…


Tulips-And-Maple-Party-01 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-02 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-03That’s right, a contortionist

Tulips-And-Maple-Party-04 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-05Make your own plate designs!

Tulips-And-Maple-Party-06 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-07 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-08 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-09 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-10 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-11 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-12 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-13 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-14 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-15 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-16 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-17 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-18 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-19 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-20 Tulips-And-Maple-Party-21