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A Destination to Remember

Our last Wedding of the year was a destination Wedding for Michelle & Danny in the Dominican Republic. If I was to best describe our last Wedding shoot, I could honestly say we went out with a “Bang”…..!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, not only was the Wedding couple as kind as can be, extremely funny, and good looking, but they also included a surprise helicopter beach arrival.

Syl stayed on the ground to film the helicopter landing on the beach with the guests ( who knew nothing about this surprise entrance to the reception), while I was engaged to go into the helicopter to capture Danny & Michelle.

Not only was this a bit scary just in general, but given the fact that I also had to film them inside a minuscule, loud, shaky helicopter made the task very exciting, to say the least!!! I felt a bit as if I was an actor in an army movie when I had to exit quickly with my monopod and camera, at the same time avoiding the loud and low blade hovering above me as I tried to also get another angle shot of them exiting the helicopter. Michelle was a great sport, because I knew she was terrified.

The details of the Wedding Ceremony were unbelievable with the stunning flower arrangements, location, balloon releases, not to mention the hottest temperatures that included a bridesmaid fainting. The ocean/poolside reception was also spectacular, and yes, the Lebanese really know how to have a fun and extraordinary time at a Wedding, even in the Dominican Republic!

Award Winning Ottawa Wedding Photographers

Third Floor York resident photographers Blair Gable and Barbara Cameron have been recognized in the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada’s winter 2013 photo contest. Together, six of their images placed in the contest and Blair placed 3rd overall. The photos were taken during weddings at some of Ottawa’s most popular venues – The Shore Club, St. Patrick’s Basilica, Westin Ottawa and Sidedoor Restaurant. The PWPC is the only organization that unites qualified photographers across Canada.

First Place – Engagement Portraits | Blair Gable


Second Place – Ceremony | Blair GablePWPCWinterAwards02


Third Place – Reception | Blair GablePWPCWinterAwards03


 Fifth Place – Reception | Blair GablePWPCWinterAwards04


Fifth Place – Getting Ready | Barbara CameronPWPCWinterAwards05


Eighth Place – Getting Ready | Barbara CameronPWPCWinterAwards06