Christian is an international award-winning photographer, specializing in weddings and portraits.

A self-proclaimed “foodie”, Christian started his professional photography career in the area of food photography, but quickly found his way into wedding photography, which is now his primary focus.

Christian says “With food photography, the great Chefs get to do the fun, creative part, I just set up lights and press a button.  With people photography, I work collaboratively with my clients to create photos that they will love.  When photographing people, you get expression, gesture, and moments.  Capturing subtle, precious, and incredible moments evokes an emotional response every time you look at a photo, and that’s what gets me excited about photographing people…especially on days as special as a wedding.”

Christian’s style is blend of documentary story-telling, along with creative portraiture.  Christian prides himself on being able to make beautiful photos in the most challenging conditions, and making all of his photography absolutely genuine.  No fake smiles, no rehearsed moments…it’s all about having a good time, and capturing it in a tasteful way.

Christian is also a dad to one of the greatest human beings on the planet, his daughter, Kate.