He has been a photography fanatic since he was 8 and he climbs mountains.


Andrew loves a good challenge, whether that be climbing Kilimanjaro or Annapurna (he’s done both) or figuring out the perfect way to light a shoot.

Coming from a family rich in the photography tradition, Andrew was immersed in 100 years worth of photography and constant exposure to shoots and discussions. A stickler for detail, Andrew is highly trained at capturing the emotion behind the photos he takes, showing how it would feel to actually be there in the moment.

A true believer in the art of his craft, Andrew will always stand for photography over convenience and makes recommendations to his clients based on the most optimal outcomes. His calm professional manner puts clients at ease and earns their immediate trust. An expert problem-solver, he always manages to find elegant solutions to impossible situations, a skill his years of experience has helped him to refine.

In Grade 5, Andrew was instructed by his teacher to draw a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up. Andrew drew two. One picture was of a truck driver because he loved the idea of manual work that gets you out in the world. The other was a scientist, a job that requires a high-level of technical knowledge. Interesting, since both sets of skills are integral to being an excellent photographer.

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